Dropout Factors in El Salvador across Different Levels of Violence  


저자 : Kyuwon Kang, Jhoana Estefani Castaneda, Jeongseop Han

학술지명 : International Development and Cooperation Review

권호 : 12(4)

게재년월 : 2020 12 31  



1) Purpose: The purpose of this study is to determine how the factors influencing drop-out differ between primary and secondary school students and how these influencing factors vary across areas with different levels of violence, i.e., high, medium, and low, in El Salvador. (2) Originality: The results of this study could serve as a foundation for the design of effective educational strategies or policies to retain students at schools in El Salvador, where violence is a serious social issue. (3) Methodology: A logistic regression analysis is used to model dropout. (4) Result: The results show that dropout factors vary across areas with different violence levels for primary and secondary school students. For primary school students, poverty, gender, and repetition are the significant factors, and for secondary school students, marital status, involvement in agriculture, provision of school supplies, and repetition are the significant factors. (5) Conclusion and Implication: This study recommends school retention policies, such as conditional cash transfer, etc., according to the level of violence of primary and secondary schools.